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What Do You Need to Heal?
Healing is an inside job! Too often we look outside of ourselves and seek the external things of life for happiness. The problem is that we're looking in the wrong direction. If you want inner peace and joy from within, then you must go within to find it. This Christian Meditation Membership Academy will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to live a more peaceful, joyful, prosperous, and Christ-centered life. This membership contains the courses and tools I've have created over the past 10 years that have helped thousands of people draw closer to God as well as themselves.

Free Trial Bonus Materials

Download these two bonus products just for trying out the academy.

  • Pure Living Water Healing Meditation

    Spend some time in God's Healing Presence and you wade in the waterfall that has been touched by God's healing power.

  • Spirit & Soul Care Routine

    This is the very morning routine that I currently do to start each day with clarity, peace, power, and focus.

Membership Benefits

Browse the many benefits you will gain by becoming a Christian Meditation Academy Member!

  • Easy login and 24/7 access from multiple electronic devices.

  • Move through courses at your on pace.

  • Ongoing support through live FB events and meditation group.

  • Easy to get started with low monthly fee and cancel at anytime.

  • Overcome negative thinking and programming and find more peace, joy, purpose, and intimacy with God.

  • Grow and transform your life by building it upon a spiritual foundation.

  • Instant access to all NEW meditations and content added to the academy.

  • Support the Christian meditator in helping to bring you new content regularly.

  • 30-day money back guarantee if not what you're looking for.

Why I Created this Membership Academy!

 iyiuyWe need support and community with like-minded people. There is a huge difference between going to church and being a disciple of Christ. One is an external expression that can often lack depth; the other is an internal one where we seek the spiritual divine and eternal nature of God living within us.

My New Christian Meditation Membership Academy includes practically every product I have created over the years that has helped so many believers over the years, all presented in an organized and step by step format to help you grow as a Christian meditator, and at price that most anyone can forward.

For just about the cost of one CD with shipping (per month), you will have access to all of these tools as long as you are a member. Plus, I’ll be updating and adding to the membership portal regularly.

We’re all are in different places on our journey and need different tools and information along the way. Now you’ll be able to access everything you need to help you deepen your walk with Christ and build your life on a spiritual foundation. 

Just think, if you purchased all of these separately you’d be paying several thousand dollars! But not anymore! Become an Academy Member, SAVE, learn, and grow in your spiritual and personal life through the transformative power of Christian Meditation. In addition, you are helping to support Christian meditation and new content to help you learn and grow.

How to Use the Membership Academy for Best Results!


Use this guide to get the most out of the academy. If you are brand new to meditation please start at the beginning. If you already have a meditation practice and want to focus on other areas, feel free to move around.

1. Understand the Mind, Emotions, and Body Connection

  • It’s All In Your Mind Video Series: Is Your Mind Sabotaging Your Relationship with God
  • 10 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Change Your Life
  • Transform Your Life with Christian Meditation Webcast
  • 7-Part Video Series: Winning the Battle of the Mind

2.  Learn How to Meditate

  • 4-Part Scripture Meditation Audio Course
  • 7-Week Renewing Your Mind Beginner’s Christian Meditation Course
  • 4-Part Scripture Meditation Audio Course 
  • 2-Part How to do Centering Prayer Video Series

3.  Establish an Ongoing Practice (Creating a Morning and/or Evening Routine)

  • 5-Day Spiritual Self Care Challenge with Rhonda (Video)
  • A Date with God
  • Christian Meditation Challenge
  • Listening Library (See Quick Start Guided)
  • Christian Yoga for Stress & Anxiety (10 Day Challenge)

4.  Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Once you have learned how to meditate and established a daily practice, use the self-paced courses below to continue to learn and grow.  You can also include these in your morning routine or evening routine.

  • Help Me God Change My Life (12 Week Program to Bring Healing and Balance to 7 Core Areas in Your Life)
  • 12-Step Christianity (Break your addiction to the Word)
  • Live FB Events/Videos on Variety of Topics
  • Recommended Videos for Growth (Various authors)

5.  Mental, Emotional & Physical Healing

  • Healing Toolboxes (Includes a variety of techniques to help you heal emotionally and break out of old patterns and programming that are stealing your peace of mind and joy in the Lord.) Some techniques include: Welcoming Prayer, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Healing Mini-Course and Meditation, Putting Off Prayer, and more.

  • Unplug Retreat Kits: Use the retreat kits to spend extended times with God to unplug from the pressures of life, to release, reset, and restore your life to balance. [Coming Soon]

  • Listening Library: With over 60 Christian meditation and affirmation recordings, you can use the Listening Library to address various issues and situations to help you restore your peace of mind and inner calm. (See LL Quick Start Guide for more instructions)

  • Christian Affirmations: Choose from a variety of Christian affirmation audios within the Listening Library to help you renew your mind on God’s words. Play affirmations first thing in morning, while working, or while dozing off to sleep (See LL Quick Start Guide for more instructions)

  • Christian Yoga for Stress & Anxiety (10 Day Challenge) –Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or need a quick time out. These 10-15 minutes workouts will help you to release stress and anxiety and reestablish your inner calm.

6.      Video Archives

Below are a list of some titles currently available. New videos added regularly for members.

  • Your Success is in Your Routine
  • Self Care Morning Tune-up
  • That's My Story But I'm Not Stickin' to It.
  • In Bed Morning Stretch Routine
  • Healing is an Ongoing Process
  • Rewriting Your Brain for Success
  • Taking Your Power Back
  • God has Given You Richly All Things to Enjoy

7.  Support & Community

  • Discussion Forum

Easy Breezy Membership Plans:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.