Start each day with more peace, joy, power, and purpose!

Don't leave your life to chance, create it!

  • More Peace

    Do you rush out of bed starting your day with stress and frustration? How you start your day will directly affect your morning, afternoon, and evening. Maybe you're carrying around a lot of negativity or emotional toxics from the days, weeks, or even months before. Wouldn't you like to cleanse your mind and heart from all these weights and toxins and begin each day being and feeling like the best you possible?

  • More Focus and Purpose

    Do you ever feel like you're living on a treadmill, doing the same thing over and over and not getting anywhere? Or perhaps you have goals or a vision, but no idea where to get started? Using the tools in A Date with God you'll learn how to build your life on a spiritual foundation and incorporate some tools that will guide you in manifesting your real dreams and desires.

  • Connect with God

    You are as close to God as you to be? Many people say they don't have time, but really they don't see the real benefit it spending daily time with God. They don't realize that they can accomplish more just by spending 20-minutes with God than a whole days work of work in their own efforts. After toiling all night in their own intellect Jesus came along in the early morning hours and said, "Cast down those nets again." Fortunately, they were receptive, heard his voice, and obeyed. So many Christians don't and it's really because they aren't developing that listening hear by just "being with God."

A Date with God: Turn Your Daily Devotional into an Hour of Power

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter # 1
  • 2
    A Date with God: Getting Started
    • Overview
    • Set An Appointment with God
    • Step # 2 - Checking In and Taking Inventory
    • Step # 1- Set An Intention for Your Date with God
    • Step # 3– Praise and Worship
    • Step #4- Read Devotional for the Day
    • Step #5 – Meditate on God’s Word
    • Step #6- Prayer Requests and Prayer
    • Step # 7- Quiet Meditation – Scripture or Guided (Includes 3-Guided Meditations)
    • Step #8 – Express Gratitude
    • Step #9 - Read Your Mission Statement
    • Step # 10- Closing Prayer
    • Download Date with God 20 Activities Sheet
    • Christian Instrumental Background Music
  • 3
    Extending Your Date with God
    • More Date with God Activities
    • The Daily Scheduler PDF Download
    • Daily Scheduler PDFs
    • Testimony T.V.: A Fun Manifesting Activity
    • Create a Manifesting Journal
  • 4
    Working Through Toxic Emotions
    • The Welcoming Prayer
  • 5
    Tools & Instructions
    • Creating a Mission Statement
    • 6 Daily Declarations
  • 6
    • Sample Journal Entry # 1
    • Sample Journal Entry # 2
    • About the Author
    • Date with God Activity Chart

Course Price

This course includes instructional lessons, 3 guided meditations, planning guides, and downloadable ebook.