Getting Started with the Christian Meditation Academy

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    Free Trial Bonus Offers
    • Free Trial Bonus -Pure Living Water Healing Meditation (Revised 8-23-2018)
    • Free Trial Bonus- Spirit Care Morning & Evening Routine (Revised 8/3/2018)
    • Details & Best Practices for Using the Spirit Care Guide
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    SECTION 1. Understand the Mind, Emotions, and Body Connection
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    4- Part Scripture Meditation Course (Audio)
    • Scripture Meditation Course Passages
    • Introduction & Parts # 1-5
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    How to Do Centering Prayer
    • Videos Part 1 and 2
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    7- Week Christian Meditation Beginners Course
    • Course Introduction
    • Week One: Getting Started with Christian Meditation
    • Week Two: Relaxation Exercises
    • Week Three: Mindfulness
    • Week Four: Attention
    • Week Five: Focus
    • Week Six: Soaking
    • Week Seven: Cultivating Love
    • Week Eight: Centering
    • Course Wrap Up
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    SECTION 3. Establishing an Ongoing Practice
    • Getting Started: Creating a Morning and/or Evening Routine
    • 5-Day Spiritual Self Care Challenge with Rhonda (Video Series)
    • 10 Day Christian Yoga Challenge for Stress and Anxiety
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    SECTION 4. Spiritual Growth and Personal Development
    • Video Lessons by Rhonda
    • Recommended Videos (Various Authors)
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    Twelve Step Christianity: Breaking Free From the World
    • Introduction
    • 12 Steps Scriptures at a Glance & Guided Meditation Audio
    • Scripture Meditation Basics
    • Step #1: "I admit I am powerless to live the Christian life in my own power and strength."
    • Step #2: "I trust in the power of God's Holy Spirit to bring my life back into balance and wellness."
    • Step #3: "I have decided to completely surrender my live over to Jesus Christ."
    • Step #4: "I take a complete moral inventory of my life and behavior."
    • Step #5: "I confess to God, myself and one other person the specific things I have done wrong."
    • Step #6: "I give God permission to remove all thought patterns and behaviors that lead me to sin."
    • Step #7: "In faith and humility I ask God to remove my impulse to sin."
    • Step #8 and #9: I make a list of all persons I have harmed and am willing to make amends to them all, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    • Step #10: "Daily I resist the temptation to sin, and if I sin, I immediately confess it to God and make restitution to those affected."
    • Step #11: "Daily I seek and submit to GOD's will through prayer, meditation, Bible study, and obedience."
    • Step #12: "Having been changed by Christ, I now make myself available to be used by Him in the lives of others."
    • Taking it to the Next Level
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    SECTION 5. Emotional Healing Tools
    • How to Do the Welcoming Prayer
  • 11
    Inner Healing Mini-Course: Trusting Jesus
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Inner Healing Part One
    • Inner Healing Part Two and Three
    • Inner Healing Part Four
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    SECTION 6. Support and Community
    • Academy Forum

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